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Online Data Backup is a Great Option for Disaster Recovery

An online data backup service is an affordable way for any business to backup their important business electronic data. Offsite backup must be part of every business’s disaster recovery plan.

Offsite Data Storage for Guaranteed Disaster Recovery

Any business today needs to have a solid disaster recovery plan. A disaster recovery plan outlines how your business will protect its electronic data and what the process will be to restore that data in the case of a manmade or natural disaster.

Online Data Storage Can Save Your Business if Disaster Strikes

In the past, online data storage was only available to large organizations with tons of data. However, today even a home-based business can use online backup.

Which Backup Solutions Are Right for You?

Every business needs to backup their electronic data. By choosing to use an online backup service you can assure your data is safe. Every business should have offsite backup incase of disaster.

Online Data Storage Is Security For Everyone

Everyone needs to backup their electronic data. By choosing to use an online backup service you can guarantee your data is safe in case you ever need to retrieve it.

Data Recovery Myths and Misconceptions

What not to do when your hard drive crashes, what causes those crashes – and a few tips on what to do when it happens.

The Five Stages of Data Loss

What happens when our computer crashes? We go through stages as with other tragedies!

Linux – Find Files Containing Text

Finding files in Windows is so easy. But, how about in Linux? This article will show you how to find files in Linux like you do in Windows.

What is Data Recovery All About?

What to do if an individual or an organization loses its vital data? The lost data is not an umbrella or a walking stick, for which you can place an advertisement in the lost and found columns of some local newspaper. It requires much more then this. Data loss is an undeniable and inevitable reality in today’s techno savvy world.

Data Recovery – Don’t Get Caught Between A Rock and Your Hard Drive

Business owners and leaders – like the pioneers before them – depend on their records. Business continuity is driven by data. Data, as we know it today, are electronic files on laptops, personal computers or servers – customer records, spreadsheets, invoices, presentations, databases.

Vacation Data Disasters

One of the most significant and philanthropic benefits of modern technology is the mobility and flexibility it allows us. Now, you can have your cake and eat it too! That is, if you want to travel or vacation to get away for a while, you need not worry about losing your precious working hours.

Best Practices for Securing Your Backup Data

How to ensure the data security and protect those involved? What prevents organizations from choosing the only solution, data encryption? With the newest regulations, the risk to you personally is just too great. No longer is it a matter of whether to encrypt, but when and how.

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