How to Fix ‘id’ is not an index in this table Error in Access Database

Copy Data Management

This article endeavors to explain how copy data management practices can bring about changes in our workplaces. Creation of more space to operate in is one of its main benefits.

Choosing The Best File Storage Option Using SSD or HDD

If they both perform the same function, it may not be easy to tell which is better for file storage. However, there is a marked difference between solid state drives and hard disk drives. For example, a SSD may be much more expensive, in the 250 pounds range

How To Manage Data More Efficiently

This article endeavors to explain how data management practices can bring about changes in our workplaces. Reduction in time and more space to operate in are some of the main benefits if it is implemented properly.

Hard Drive Shredding: Protect Your Privacy

We live in the information age and today more than ever data security is something every person and business that stores sensitive data on their hard drives must consider. Simply deleting your data does not ensure secure data destruction. Anyone with a little bit of computer savvy and the right data recovery software is able to recover your deleted data and make use of it without your knowing. The only 100% positive way to secure your data is destroyed is through hard drive shredding. Hard drive shredding ensures data destruction and prevents thieves from stealing your data.

Fast Versus Slower, More Expensive and Maybe a Less Manageable Raid Server

Small business owners may like the idea of using a SAS solution with their Raid server, rather than SATA. There are still three things they need to know before they go and buy a Raid server as an SAS or stick with the SATA option. The main reason may be the bottom line. It is cheaper to have SAS than it is to use SATA. But, with SAS, small business owners may need to make some sacrifices. What four things should small business owners be aware of before they settle into whether a SATA or SAS solution best meets their business needs.

Confusing Contact Forms May Be Helping Thieves Steal Data

Companies collect a gold mine of information about a customer from a contact form, including the usual: name, number, address and passwords. Contact information also may give helpful advice into what a customer is purchasing online.

Data Integration Management: Why Your Organization Needs It

No company really enjoys the prospect of undertaking a big data migration project, and for this reason, many organizations are falling behind in business intelligence. But as big data becomes ever more prevalent, and as companies race to collect the most information possible, it’s become an absolute necessity.

Why You Need to Protect Your Computers

Are you attempting to run a successful business? Then knowing why you need to protect your computers is not only practical – it is a necessity!

Use WINDOWS 8 Data Recovery Software to Find Missing or Deleted Files Quickly

Losing an important document can have disastrous effects. What if you lose your big presentation for work? Your final paper needed to get a passing grade in your class?

Is It Time For A ‘Zero-Attachment’ Policy?

Many companies want to protect their brand and take securing their trade secrets and product brand seriously. What spurs a company to get consumers interested in their product? Consumers like voting for an underdog and rooting for a product where they can feel “connected” to the product.

Best Ways Employees Can Protect Their Iphones From Hackers

How can employees protect their sensitive phone data from hackers who may use that data to run up thousands of pounds worth of charges on a credit card? With the recent changes to data privacy, residents may have more protection than people in other countries.

Reasons Why Novice Computer Users Shouldn’t Fear Using Encryption

Though there has been much published about SSL not being secure to keep company’s data safe, the truth is no encryption program is 100% safe. Hackers study algorithms and safety measures, too, and will eventually crack those seemingly ‘impenetrable’ codes. Doesn’t this mean computer users should be afraid of encryption?

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