How to Fix Blue Screen of Death [BSOD] Error in Windows 10 (Tutorial)

IT Support for Technology Issues Confronting a Business

IT support is essential for a business to thrive in the competitive world today. With the right IT solutions like data backup and recovery, technology integration, regular maintenance of the network systems.

Questions to Ask Your Potential Cloud Service Provider

For IT companies and Managed Service Providers (MSP’s) offering solutions to their clients, the cloud equals opportunity. Unsurprisingly, rather than investing the considerable time and effort required to develop their own cloud solutions from scratch, the majority of smaller IT solution providers instead partner with cloud service vendors to provide their clients with services ranging from CRM to backup. But one of the benefits of cloud services – rapid deployment – can also lead some IT companies to look at partnerships with cloud vendors with rose tinted glasses. If things go wrong with the cloud service, the first complaints won’t come into cloud vendors – they’ll come into the IT solution providers selling those services. For this reason alone, it’s important for IT Solution Providers to take a step back and ask potential cloud partners “What happens when things go wrong? And is it really the best solution for your business? Below are a few questions that you should ask your potential cloud solution provider:

Key Cloud Migration Considerations

The business case has been made and you’ve appointed your project resources for cloud migration. It’s now time to scope and plan your migration. Moving your Enterprise IT workloads to the public cloud is a big decision and immediately alters the way you operate your business.

5 Data Recovery Tips

There is no doubt that our lives have become a lot easier because of technology. Nowadays, we have a lot of up-to-date and automated ways of doing things. For instance, today, we can store a huge amount of data on small chips called memory cards. And the chances of data loss are not so high. Even if we lose data, we can get it recovered with a few clicks of the mouse. Read on to know 5 data recovery tips.

7 Strong Advantages Of Using A Document Management System (DMS)

There are many types of people working in an office environment, some need silence to bring out their creativity while some like chaos to fuel their inspiration. While that sounds somewhat true, it hardly works in a professional environment where people get the right productivity tools for performing their jobs. Here in this post we have highlighted the benefits of managing your important documents through a document management software (DMS).

An Introduction to Forensics Data Acquisition From Android Mobile Devices

The Android OS is a predominant operating system in the mobile device world. When a crime has occurred, the Digital Forensics Investigator will, more than likely, need to examine a mobile device (a cell phone, tablet, or other devices) to gather case data. This article discusses 5 ways to gather data from a mobile device that uses the Android OS.

5 Benefits of Data Backup

As far as the security of vital information goes, it’s important that business owners take necessary steps to make sure that the data is backed up on a regular basis. Unfortunately, just half of the businesses make sure that their data is backed up on a routine basis. At times, the professionals are not experienced enough to carry out the data backup process.

Cyber Security in the US – Secure Your Company

Cyber security is one of the most talked about topic these days. With the advancement of the technology, the internet has made its place on the top of the priority list of everyone. Standing in the 21st century, each and every individual has been accustomed to the internet and that has become their daily need. With so much of significance, there are a few problems that can turn your dream into a sheer nightmare.

508 Compliance Services – All You Should Know

What are 508 Compliance services? Most of the people would be spellbound to answer this question because they are not aware of the crucial thing that makes their website more accessible than ever. If you do not know about the 508 Compliance, knowing it would be smarter if you own a website.

Most Common Reasons for Corruption in SharePoint Server

The benefits of a SharePoint Server are vast and powerful. But on the other hand, its database is prone to corruption and other severe issues. SharePoint administrators and users must know the most common reasons for corruption. Also, they should take corrective measures to avoid corruption in the SharePoint database. This article contains all the useful information about a SharePoint Server, its corruption, and how to fix it.

Reasons for Corrupt SQLite Database – SQLite Database Recovery

SQLite is a highly popular database program, and it has many uses. But on the other hand, it’s highly prone to corruption. There are various reasons which can cause corruption in SQLite database, and make it inaccessible. In a case of minor corruption, you can try an easy manual trick to repair SQLite database. But if that fails or doesn’t work, you should use a professional SQLite Database Recovery tool to restore SQLite database objects.

Considerations for Large-Scale AWS Migration

Managed IT services providers recommend virtualization not because it is an IT business trend that everyone simply must ride, but because it is, quite, a smart way of managing your IT resources. Every day, more and more organizations migrate to the Amazon Web Services public cloud. However, despite the cloud’s benefits in scalability, agility and efficiency, they discover a new set of challenges that need to be overcome.

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