How to Fix Black Screen After Windows 10 Update

Back Up Your Website

You only realise how reliant you are on your website and e-mail when you lose it. So take preventative action and back them up now. Here are some of your options.

Errors, Failures and Data Recovery

More than 20 years have been passed in personal computing. But still some issues have not been resolved completely. One of them is data backup and recovery. There are many ways one can lose his or her critical files and data either accidentally deletion of file or media corruption.

What are the Facts about Data Loss?

Nobody really knows what the “facts” about data loss mean to you and your business, hopefully, this article will help you think about them.

The Significance Of Data Recovery And Offsite Backup In Today’s Business World

This document focuses on the significance of data recovery from natural disasters as well as media/device failures and the offsite backup of your valuable data.

Truth about Data Backup

An article illustrating how current methods of backup failed when the Bunsfield Oil Depot exploded.

5 Minute Guide to PC Diagnostics for Home Users

Computer diagnostics is intended to help you understand how you computer works, obtaining full PC diagnostics, by means of printed diagrams or using PC diagnostics software.

Review of PC Diagnostic Shareware

Although, the most popular operating system at the present includes a sort of Computer diagnostics tools, such as PC Health, Dr Watson, and others, those applications are not exactly what the consumer expects from a full PC diagnostics suite to protect their costly equipment an the invaluable information contained within.

PC Diagnostics – Step by Step

Computer diagnostics help you to identify different problems and failures that any computer may present in any given moment for an apparently unknown cause. PC diagnostics test the system, including memory and BIOS, the software and the hardware by means of PC diagnostics software designed specially to do this task.

Advantages of Offsite Back-Up

An article describing the advantages of offsite back-up against other forms of data backup and recovery.

The Top 3 Computer Backup Myths – Exposed!

Think disaster won’t strike your computer? I have news for you: statistics show that 1 in every 4 computer users suffers a critical data loss every year. Laptops are stolen and hard drives crash; it’s a fact of life. If you’ve never seen a grown man cry, wait till his computer crashes!

The Drama of Data Recovery

One minute, your files are all there. The next minute they’re gone.

In-File Delta Enhances Offsite Secure Backup Technology

A technical article detailing how in-file delta technology greatly increases performance of offsite secure backup

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