How to Fix Audio Video Out of Sync Issues or Video Playback Errors?

The Hidden Costs of Tape Backup

It’s hard for me to believe that I actually have to address this, but a lot of companies are still using (get ready for this) TAPES to back up their data, instead of just opting for the most intelligent choice, using an online backup service! This is primarily due to the fact that they don’t want to update their digital tape backup systems, which are obviously already set up and paid for. However, what these companies may not be realizing is that there are indeed hidden costs that exist due to them sticking to such an antiquated system.

How to Deal With Data Loss on Your Palm Pilot When Replacing the Battery

The Palm Pilot eventually needs a replacement battery. Unfortunately this causes data loss. Learn how to back up your system so that you can replace the battery without losing anything.

Recover Deleted Files From Memory Cards

It is possible to delete files from a memory card by mistake and then you are left questioning if you can restore those files. It is entirely possible to restore deleted files from storage, but you must take certain steps once you realize the files have been deleted.

How to Recover Deleted Files From Flash Drives

You may want to know about the possibility that you can recover deleted files from flash drive storage. Sometimes these files are saved on your hard drive, and if so, then there is really no issue. At times, though, the files are only located on the flash drive and you will want to try to recover them before they are no longer accessible.

How to Recover Deleted Files – FAT32

Most of us do not even know where to start looking when we attempt to recover files deleted in error. You are probably thinking that you know what the file is called; however, this will not assist you right now.

Effective Methods to Repair Corrupt Registry Systems

People who’re using any of the editions accessible for the Microsoft Windows Operating system have very likely heard something about the registry. The actual system itself is going to warn users not to play around with the registry unless of course you happen to be familiar in dealing with it or possibly is familiar with how to repair a corrupt registry. The majority of people are going to keep away from the computer registry as much as possible over fear of ending up with a computer system that will not operate correctly.

ISINTEG and EDBUTIL Tools Fail to Work on Corrupted Information Store

Are you facing Exchange Server Information Store corruption and unable to access the database? Do the ISINTEG and EDBUTIL processes fail to complete their operations on damaged Information Store? The Information Store corruption is a critical situation that renders your valuable EDB (Exchange Database) file inaccessible.

Get the Best PC System Backup

Having a PC backup system gives you the ability to backup and restore your system files and data. Today, this has become more important than ever. Since you access the internet many times each day, it is easy to pickup a virus that completely crashes your computer. With the knowledge that your system is backed up and can be restored almost instantly, you no longer have to feat what you might catch on the web.

Data Logging More Common and More Useful Than Many Realize

Data logging is the practice of identifying, gathering, and saving information. It’s used in everything from supermarket check outs to airplane boxes and is part of what makes our intricate society function well.

What Are the Top Five Methods For Backing Up Your Data?

Backing up your data or making sure you have regular copies of it elsewhere is a critical element in any decent business. Making sure that you have daily, if not hourly back ups of your files, documents and other daily changing items is essential, as most of us have at one stage or another lost documents we haven’t backed up and lost time, money and effort having to redo them.

Can I Recover Deleted Files?

One of my coworkers came running up to me the other day with a face as white as a ghost… “Can I recover deleted files?” he asked in a frantic tone. I asked him what he had deleted. I told him that if it was a previously saved file on the hard drive, that we could likely locate it without much problem or difficulty.

How to Retrieve Deleted Files Quickly

Have you ever deleted something and then instantly knew it was a mistake? Did you know that it is possible to retrieve deleted files? Many people already know that the first stop for a deleted file is in the recycle bin.

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