How to Export Edited Video in EaseUS Video Editor

What is Electronic Evidence Discovery?

A brief explanation of what Electronic Evidence Discovery is and why you, or your company, may need it. Electronic Discovery (or E-Discovery) refers to any process in which electronic data is sought, located, secured, and searched with the intent of using it as evidence in a civil or criminal legal case. Electronic Discovery can be carried out offline on a particular computer or it can be done across a network.

All About RAID

RAID is the short form of Redundant Array of Inexpensive Disks, where Inexpensive is often replaced with Independent. A few years back when the disks had less storage capacity with expensive prices, a couple of disks were mounted to create a larger virtual disk, and it was much more logical and easily administered.

What Is Clean Room Recovery

A clean room is an enclosed space having an environment which is carefully controlled to eliminate or drastically reduce microscopic particles that float in the air, like specs of dust, skin flakes, pollen, lint, microbes like bacteria and chemical vapours.

Security – Data Recovered

The world’s population put a lot of faith in their computers. This is as true for online businesses as for personal computing. But what happens when your computer crashes? This article looks at the practical side of computer security and how a few simple tips can help you recover much faster in the event of a major computer malfunction.

Firewall As Security Wall For Computer Protection

Firewalls are security programs for computers that work same as that of physical firewalls protecting them from external hazards things.

Secure Data Backup And Instant File Recovery

There are many times when the PC seems to “have it in for you”. I have even known servers with really nasty steaks…

Offsite Backups

The computer you use regularly for work is a machine. And like all machines, it is liable to fail sooner or later. While computer parts like monitor and motherboard are easily replaced, it is the failure of the hard disk that can be catastrophic.

Do You Need A Data Recovery Service?

No one plans on losing any data, do they? But do we save documents often enough? Perform regular and thorough backups? Know what to do when the hard drive crashes? For most people, those answers are “no.” You need a data recovery service.

Protecting Your Computer From a Storm

This article focuses on preparing your computer and more importantly the data it holds for an upcoming event such as a natural disaster.

Undelete Software Tools

Majority of the people believes that when they delete a file from the computer it gets removed forever. However, this is not right. When you delete a file from windows it does not get removed forever, instead they will remain in your system as hidden files, which can be easily retrieved with the help of any of the many data recovery software programs available out there. So in reality, just simply deleting your personal information and important work data is not good enough

Recover File and Recover Deleted File Tools

Data recovery software is a very effective way of retrieving data from a worn or damaged hard disk drive.

Access your Data from Anywhere Through Synchronization

You can access your data from anywhere in the world, through data synchronization.

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