How to Convert RAW drive to NTFS (Without Data Losing)

Online Backups – Storing Your Files Remotely

There is one major problem with most computer backup procedures. Usually after a backup is made, all of the information and data stays in the same place as it always was.

How To Backup Your Computer Properly

Your computer likely cost you hundreds – maybe even thousands of dollars. That’s one thing that you’re sure to worry about if anything happens to the computer itself.

Backups That Cost Almost Nothing

Learn the cheapest and most reliable backup options for your valuable data of your SOHO.

Data Safety – An Auditor’s Dream Come True

A private auditing firm has found a solution to the risk of losing precious corporate computer data. Instead of classical backups on CDs and tapes, it has adopted a totally different solution that will increase its data availability and accessibility.

The Ultimate Online Backup Solution?

Data backup is something that you just can’t take for granted anymore. The risks from viruses, spyware and computer hardware problems are so many and so varied that not keeping at least one copy of your computer data…

Preventing And Reversing Data Loss

One of the most stressful times that a simple student or employee may encounter is a loss of an important file on the computer. It can be a day of doom if you are due to submit your paper or make a presentation and at the worst possible moment your file is deleted…

Avoiding Data Recovery On External Hard Disk Drives

With storage capacity running in hundreds of Gigabites, accompanied by high rates of data transfer, in addition to the flexibility to plug the external drive to a Laptop, Desktop, Server, Memory cards, Camera or iPod and sold at reasonable prices have increased their popularity dramatically. However, as the popularity of the external drives containing backups and valuable data are increasingly failing for no apparent reasons. Majority of these failing drives are often of well known commercial brands such as Lacie, Freecom and Omega and with the latest high capacity Maxtor, Seagate or Western Digital hard disk drives models with storage capacity exceeding 320Gb or even 400Gb on a single drive.

When Data Recovery Becomes Impossible

We’ve all been using computers for a while now and I bet none of us have been spared from at least one data loss related problem in our technical “career”. Data is so easily losable that you’re practically forced to make backups for everything you have, for obvious safety reasons. Data loss can occur due to several reasons, including-

What Happens To A File Once You Hit Delete

If you chose not to tinker around with your Windows operating system, then the file automatically goes in the Recycle Bin. If you ever decide you still need the file, you can simply search through the trash (a funny concept Microsoft makes us go through) and you’ll find your deleted file intact and easily recoverable. However, if you disable the Recycle Bin, things will go slightly different.

How Data Is Stored On A Hard Drive

A brief explanation how data is stored on a hard drive and the types of hard disk failure that can occur.

Data Recovery Tips And Tricks

Data loss is a plague that can hit anyone and anytime, regardless of technical prowess, handling care, operating system or hardware configuration. In many cases, data loss is caused by factors that are out of our reach and unfortunately, in some of these cases data recovery is impossible. A burnt out hard disk is the clearest example that comes to mind. It’s often not your fault that it breaks down and data recovery is impossible. This is a rare case still and most data loss problems can be fixed with the help of data recovery tools.

How Data Recovery Programs Work

Power outages, natural disasters, computer freezes, viruses or simple human errors can all be the cause of one of today’s most common technical “plagues” data loss. It’s estimated that millions of users suffer from data loss issues worldwide each year and millions of dollars are lost due to the fact that important documents get deleted. Fortunately for us, data recovery programs become more and more proficient with each passing year and it’s safe to say that unless the data loss occurred due to some extraordinarily severe events such as hard disk burnout, extreme magnetization and so forth, your data can be recovered. It’s just a matter of having the right tools and the right data recovery program(s).

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