How to convert EDB to PST with Stellar Converter for EDB

Remote Data Backup As An Alternative To Tape Backup

There are some organizations with branches in many locations and some of them might be located in a remote location from the main office. Due to the lack of resources and infrastructure, the data present in the computers of the remote branches has the greatest chance of getting lost due to accidental deletion or corruption because of virus and malware attacks.

In Times Of Data Loss, Keep Calm And Perform Data Recovery

Suddenly losing data that you have worked hard for is really frustrating. Protect your files by learning how to recover them in times when they are corrupted or accidentally erased.

How to Recover Lost, Deleted, or Corrupt Files in Windows 7

We may lose files in Windows due to many causes like virus infection, improper ejection of storage device, power outage, abrupt system shutdown. However there is nothing to worry as we can recover lost, deleted, or corrupt files from Windows 7 using Previous Versions’ feature. With this feature, previous versions of your files and folders are created by Microsoft Windows 7 automatically, and hence you can restore your deleted data from there.

How to Find a Good Quality Data Recovery Service

There are thousands of businesses around today that use computers and hard drives, and the chances are good that many of them will need data recovery services at one time or another. This article gives tips on how to find one.

Guide To Successfully Recovering From A Hacked WordPress Website

So, you’re a victim of a Hacked WordPress Website? Many of us spend our time online creating great content for others to enjoy. Whether it be for enjoyment or part of your master SEO plan in the works. Then, one morning you awake to find your content gone or website defaced by some unknown entity. Many a times the first reaction would be to panic and call 911, however, this is not such a time. You need to act quickly to reclaim your website before search engines themselves realised you have been hacked and blacklist your website.

How Could Data Recovery Change Your Business?

Most businesses rely on computers to some extent. This article explains how paying attention to data recovery can help you transform your business – sometimes in unexpected ways.

Are External Hard Drives the Answer to Saving Data?

We all know it is important to back up our data, but knowing and doing are two separate things. This article explores whether external hard drives are the answer we’ve been looking for.

3 Smart Reasons to Steer Clear of Free Data Retrieval Solutions

Free solutions to help you retrieve lost data on your hard drive are tempting to try, aren’t they? But as this article reveals, they can make things a whole lot worse instead of better.

A Closer Look at SSD Failure Types and Data Recovery From SSDs

SSDs have emerged as a good alternative to meet the high performance needs of enterprises. However, when it comes to reliability and endurance, they are not the best option due to the wear out mechanisms that are inherent to all devices based on flash technology.

Backups: Pain Avoidance Made Easy

Backups! If there’s one thing I’ve learned in 30 years and close to 20,000 data recoveries, it’s that everybody doesn’t back up their data sometimes. Nobody backs up their data all of the time, most people never back up their data, and hardly anyone ever checks to see if their backed-up data will restore. Have you? Didn’t think so…

OpenOffice File Recovery Software To Repair OpenOffice Files

Use advanced OpenOffice file recovery software to repair corrupted or damaged files of applications. The OpenOffice files are prone to corruption. They can easily be corrupted at any time due to various reasons. We cannot open a corrupt file in OpenOffice application. In such situation we need recovery software that can repair our corrupt files or recover our data from them. The OpenOffice file recovery software is the best solution that helps us fix corrupt files within a couple of minutes.

How to Fix a Corrupted WordPress Database

WordPress is controlled by its database. You cannot display a post properly if your database is corrupt, as sometimes the categories and tags are all wrong, or sometimes you cannot even log in. However, corrupted databases for WordPress happens more than you would have liked. And it could be because of a variety of reasons, such as installing a faulty plug-in, your WordPress being hacked, a server crash, hardware failure on your server, or a bug in MySQL, or for no particular reason it seems.

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