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Time Machine Vs Online Backup Service – Which One Is Best for You?

When it was first introduced back in 2007, Apple’s Time Machine automated backup system was by far the easiest way of safeguarding data that Mac users had available to them. Since then online backup services have become more common, more sophisticated and increasingly affordable. They have now reached the point where they can offer a solid alternative to traditional systems.

Preventing Data Loss – How to Create an Effective Online Backup Plan

Preventing data loss and how to create an effective online backup plan is something that every business and individual should know. The truth is, there is not one person with access to a computer that has not lost data at some point or another. Maybe it was as simple as deleting the wrong file or even the dreaded component failure that was influential in losing your data; no matter what caused the problem it does happen to everyone.

Data Recovery Software – 3 Reasons Why You Need It

Computers have become an essential part of human life, while the introduction of technology in every sector and line of work has completely changed the face of the world. Many individuals and companies have gone digital and will not store documents on paper at all, so suddenly data loss becomes the most frightening subject of discussion when it comes to relying on the computer to store and retrieve data. Some people are confident they will never have to deal with such tragic events, since they invested so much money and acquired quality computers, but in reality data loss is…

4 Easy File Backup Solutions For Your Consideration

Are you currently storing important files on your computer, such as personal data, tax information, work documents or priceless photo memories from all your trips? If your answer is affirmative, you are among hundreds of millions of people who live dangerously digitally nowadays, but who don’t necessarily need nightmare scenarios, such as fires, floods or theft in order to acknowledge the real risk of losing everything if they do not resort to efficient backup solutions. Instead of understanding the importance of a reliable backup plan after experiencing unfortunate events, it is far easier and cheaper to take the necessary…

3 Tips on How To Recover Accidentally Deleted Files

It has happened to all of us at some time or another. Either you have been slightly too enthusiastic while deleting unneeded files, or your finger slipped; in any case, you have now deleted files that you know you’ll need later. It can be tempting to panic at this point – whether the file is important for a program you use, or contains crucial information, it can seem like you have made a mistake from which there is no recovery.

Best Online Backup Options For Everyone

Do you backup your data? Probably not, according to a study by the Harris Interactive survey. While 85% of those surveyed reported being very concerned about data loss, only 25% actually backed up data frequently.

4 Important Points To Consider Before You Buy an Online Backup Service

Are you tired of constantly losing your important data and valuable documents due to hard drive failure or other unfortunate events such as fire, theft or file corruption? Most computer users have, at least once, experienced this tragic event because they hadn’t taken any precaution measures to backup important files and found themselves helpless and desperate of not knowing how to recover these files. Fortunately, the market is now flooded with online backup software and services for users to take advantage of, but a basic research should be carried out before making a down payment and subscribing for a…

Why Backing Up Your Data Is Important

For the computer user, protecting ones data is very important. This is something often overlooked by many computer users until they experience their first hard-drive failure, after which they take data backups much more seriously. There are many ways to go about this, which are described here.

Is Online Data Backup Safe?

If your PC crashes and you haven’t backed up your data externally, the files can be gone forever. If they’re backed up online, however, you’ll always be able to retrieve them. It’s extremely safe too when done with one of the many trusted and reliable backup services.

Things You Need to Consider on Electronic Document Management

Proper storing of information is vital to the success of a business. Keeping it in a safe place and storing it digitally through scanning services not only safeguard precious information, it can also make them more manageable.

Data Recovery After A Hard Drive Failure Can Often Save Your Information

To say that the world has been revolutionized by the technology of the personal computer would be an understatement. Personal computers change the way we do business, they change the way we interact with people, and for all intents and purposes, personal computers have completely remolded the way we live. Personal computers still have their pitfalls however, and one of the most dangerous things that can happen to a PC is the failure of a disk drive. When it comes to computer hardware, pretty much anything is replaceable and almost all of the parts in a PC are dirt cheap.

Evaluation of Penetration Testing in Security

Penetration testing is also known as a pen test. It is used for evaluating the security of a computer system or network that suffers from the attack of malicious outsider and insiders. In this process, we use an active analysis of the system for any potential vulnerability.

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