How to clone GPT/MBR disk and partition?

How to Recover My Lost Files?

One challenge computer users and digital device operators face from time to time is the loss of files, images, documents, videos, photographs, etc which sometimes occur as a result of an error or mistake. Safe recovery of files is possible with the use of third party software or program today. Saying the loss of important document and sensitive information processed on your computer is painful is an understatement; considering the time and effort required to type and input the data is worth the extra effort to knowing how to recover lost files from a PC or multimedia memory card when such happens.

Transferring Music From IPod to PC

Did your computer crash and all your music is only on your iPod? Do you want to transfer all of your MP3’s from your iPod to a new PC, or use your iPod to transfer some songs to your work computer? You don’t need to purchase special software as some people will lead you to believe.

Online Backup

What is online backup? Online backup, sometimes called remote backup, is a method of backing up files offsite in which certain files or entire hard drives are frequently backed up on a computer with a network connection. There are several services that provide online backup for users who are connected to the internet.

Measuring the Business Value of Project Data

Why is it important to protect your firm’s biggest asset? For a project-based professional service firm, historical data is essential. This article will discuss the value of data.

Advanced Outlook Repair – A Valuable Workplace Tool

Advanced Outlook Repair is a recovery tool designed to work with almost every version of the Microsoft Outlook program. Microsoft Outlook is a piece of “personal information management” software that comes bundled with the Microsoft Office suite and includes a popular e-mail program, calendar, task manager, and much more. Outlook is the application of choice for BlackBerry users for e-mail management also. As with any program, occasionally something may become corrupted or accidentally deleted and if this is important information, you could be looking at some serious problems in the workplace. This is where Advanced Outlook Repair comes in.

Restore Backup Software

The realm of restore backup software has matured by leaps and bounds over the past several decades, as file storage has become cheap, network connectivity has become faster, and software has become more fault-tolerant and reliable. Today, we have the ability to backup your computer’s hard drive in real-time on autopilot without the use of any special hardware. All you need is a software agent and a high-speed Internet connection.

Business Backup Solutions

Whether you are a small business with only one computer or a large enterprise with tens of thousands of PCs worldwide, there is no doubt that having viable business backup solutions is extremely high on your priority list. If it’s not, it should be! Depending on the scope of your data storage needs, there are business backup solutions for everyone. One of the most cost-effective backup strategies available today is real-time backup over the Internet.

How to Reset Your Windows Vista Login Password

If you haven’t faced with situation to lose or forget your Windows Vista password here is a procedure which can help you to find out how you can create a password reset disk within Windows Vista, and if you someday forget your password you can you this disk to reset your password and create a new one. Before you even start with this you need to have 1 USB memory which you gone use to store a file which will reset a password. If you have all necessary items the fallow below steps:

Backup My Hard Drive

Let’s say I want to backup my hard drive. What are my options? Fortunately, I have many options at my disposal, depending on my lifestyle, my computing habits, whether I work or I am in school, how much and what type of data storage requirements I need, whether I access my data frequently while on the go from multiple computers, a single laptop, a desktop at home, or a workstation at the office.

How to Sanitize Your Hard Disk?

Some people say with the click of delete button your hard disk gets sanitize. However, do yourself think so…well then check the recycle bin and see the list of deleted items, which you have removed and can be recovered as well.

Online Business Backup – Business Continuity For Pennies on the Dollar

Typically, the only costs associated with online business backup solutions are the annual per-PC licensing fees. The third-party backup solutions provider simply requires you to install a backup agent on each machine and configure it with which directories or files you want it to backup or to ignore. And you are all set. The software does the rest for you, all behind the scenes!

Laptop Backup Software – Do’s & Dont’s

Corporate IT personnel have a hard time backing up that confidential information on these laptops because of the laptops location, and often there is a lot of highly confidential information kept on these laptops. Most business organization IT departments are used to backing up computers…

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