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Features Of Online Data Storage Backup

Online data storage backup enables businesses to have a secure coverage of their data that they can backup on the Internet. There are various sites that provide online back up storage such as Mozy, Carbonite, Xdrive and IBackup which enable business to store and share their files online.

Using External Hard Drives

Every computer comes with a certain amount of built in memory. The component in which this data is stored is called a hard drive. Each computer has at least one hard drive to store its operating system, programs and user information.

Determine The Failure Type Of Hard Disk And Recovery

Hard disks are the used in just about every home computer that is. And in your hard disk is data can be crucial to your business and studies.

Data Recovery And Remote File Storage

Have you made a safety backup for your sensitive data yet? Make an online backup and secure it for life. You can access it from any internet enabled PC.

Why Every Computer Specialist Should Offer Data Recovery Services

Do you ever have customers who have lost their data? When they are crying over the loss of 5,000+ digital pictures, do you just stare at them blankly with no idea how to help them? If your company specializes in computer repair, you owe it to your customers to offer some type of data recovery service.

How To Create An Image Using Symantec Ghost, Ghostcast Server?

A step by step guide to help you to create an image using GhostCast Server of Symantec Ghost 7.5. If you want to create an image of your hard disk it can be done in several ways. A way to do this is to boot the computer from a Symantec Ghost floppy disk and to create the image by multicasting, unicasting, disk to disk or peer to peer.

Five Questions About Data Safety

Just how safe is your computer and the data it contains? Did you know your information is very vulnerable to many lurking issues online? If you double click on an infected file you could delete all your data.

Retrieving Deleted Files – How to Recover a Lost File Quickly

Data is a fickle thing that we sometimes treat with a certain carelessness as we move, copy, email, rename and edit it to mention just a few manipulations we subject files and data to. We do not always realize just how fragile it can be when we suddenly find it gone. Accidental file deletions are commonplace at home and at work and cause untold hours of frustration and panic.

Everything One Needs To Know About Data Recovery On Mac Computers

For nearly all computer users, losing data can be a very traumatic experience. If you use your computer for a business or for other important matters, it can be very stressful and very traumatic to lose everything you have worked months, and possibly even years to build.

The Tape Drive

Technology is constantly improving itself. What was dismissed earlier is used popularly today. The 1970s saw the tape drive as losing demand in the market. Today, tape drives are making a comeback in a huge way.

Recover Files After Deletion – For Free!

Have you ever deleted a file, emptied your recycle bin and go “OH NO!!”? Don’t worry, it happens to the best of us. And since it happens to the best of us, we have devised a way to get back the deleted stuff. For free!

Shocking Information about Your Hard Drive

If you’ve ever walked across a thick carpet and felt a shock after touching a grounded object (or shocked a friend on purpose) you know about the general effects of static electricity. But do you know how it works, or how damaging it can be to computer components? Although it may seem a bit silly and unimportant, “static shock” or Electrostatic Discharge (ESD) can cause significant damage to your hard drive. Comparable to a lighting bolt damaging a tree, ESD can act like a bomb exploding in your drive, blowing apart parts of the circuit board. But don’t worry – if you follow a few simple steps you can ensure you’re well protected and avoid letting a minor thing like ESD cause major problems.

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