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Misconceptions in Data Recovery

Data Recovery is very costly: If you are reading this and you have this mentality, you had better stop thinking. Statistics have it that after data loss, it is estimated that having to recreate the data would cost 8000$ per MB.

Undelete Browsing History – Did You Hit the Delete Button by Mistake?

Computers; love them or hate them as you may, the fact is that they are certainly a necessity in both business and personal applications today. No matter which operating system you are using, a history of the websites that you have visited is created and stored on your computer’s hard drive.

Why People Mistakenly Think Their Laptop Hard Drive is Safe From Failure

One of the things that may lead to massive data loss is ignorance, in our case it is ignorance of the hard drive failing. Some of the thoughts that go through people’s minds concerning this are as follows…

Prevent Mass Data Loss on Your Computer

Data can be lost in very many ways and most of the time it usually happens unexpectedly. The following are some pointers to be considered in order to prevent massive data loss from your computer.

Data Safety For Your Laptop Database

One thing to note is that if someone abruptly disconnects from a database, a”corruption flag” may be set. This will mean that the database is in a corrupt state.

Offsite Data Backup & Recovery

It is vitally important that you keep a backup of all of your data, and keep it in a safe and secure place away from your home or place of business, so that it will not be affected should disaster strike. Backing up your data need not cost you a lot of money, or take much time or effort, but the peace of mind it will bring you or your business is priceless. Secure offsite data backup will give you this peace of mind.

Backup Your Data to Avoid Data Loss

Any one who is new to computers knows that he should save his data so he can find it easily when ever he needs it. What if you save some of your important data but didn’t backed it up, your computer gets infected with some malicious software and at the end of day you come to know that your data got lost due to system crash?

Data Recovery Planning

Floods, fires or terrorism – you never know when these might strike. Micross IT looks at the options for staying in business if the worst happens, including spare office space and back-up IT. This article will include the common strategies data protection and the security options which can make disaster less likely.

Why Opt For a Data Card?

A data card has a great capacity to store data and it is an essential part of many lives today. This allows us to access data anywhere without interruption. Data cards are the perfect solution when you do not need to store information in bulk on your hard disk and at the same time keep the data exclusive.

How to Bring Back Deleted Files – Restore Deleted Files the Easy Way!

How to bring back deleted files is a question that is asked by most of the people who use devices like computers and iPods. You might have deleted a file intentionally or unintentionally but then you feel that the file was important to you. You really feel helpless at that point of time. You do not know what to do and how to get back that particular file.

Guidelines For Recovering Data From Your Hard Disk

As much as we would all like to think that it could never happen, a hard disk failure on your personal computer will very likely occur during your lifetime. This problem can happen to anyone, from the biggest corporation to the single user in their home. A data recovery is an essential part of your operating systems function.

Which Gives Better Results, Data Recovery Software Or a Data Recovery Service?

If you need data to be recovered you have to options data recovery software or data recovery services. Which one should you choose ?

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