Fix Windows Does not Boot After Clone

Disaster Recovery

In today’s world, businesses are beginning to demand more from their information systems. At the same time, the outer limit of technology is being stretched to its limit to meet this demand. This in turn puts a greater responsibility on the service Organisation, with the kind of daunting challenge that it faces. A standard reactive service does not solve the situation with solutions that it can present. To handle the situation, a more pro-active approach should be adopted to run mission critical operation in today’s heterogeneous client/server networks.

How Data Recovery is Performed on Failed RAID 5 Arrays

A brief discussion of the problems that can occur with RAID 5 arrays. Also offers ways users can ensure a RAID 5 recovery is more successful.

Four Basic Backup Steps

“I have this cool backup tape drive in my new computer and a couple of tapes so I am all set!” That is true, you now have a level of protection that a lot of people do not have but are you going to do it right? Change the tapes regularly, replace them when their life runs out, clean the tape drive and store them offsite?

Cheap Backup Ideas

Pssst-Want to know a secret? You do not need to perform a backup on your computer. Ever. If you are like many people and do not opt for a backup system of some kind when you bought your computer then you maybe sitting on a time bomb. Your disk drive will not last forever. And when it does crash what are you going to do?

Creating a Complete Data Protection and Restoration Strategy

Backing up your data is the best way to prevent losing it. This method comes into play when you’ve suffered a system failure or hardware corruption.

Backing Up Your Data to Prevent Losing It!

Developing a disaster prevention and recovery plan, often the most overlooked or outdated of any business plan, can be the difference between keeping your company in the black and closing your doors forever.

Truths About Data Recovery Software

There may have been instances in your life or career where your day starts with a hard disk crash or a physical memory dump. If it hasn’t happened to you yet, it can happen anytime and catch you completely unawares. It can be very frustrating to loose all the important data, those great presentations, client briefs, portfolio, 3 years of research etc.

Five Steps to Data Storage

Storage is a complex business these days. Businesses face an almost overwhelming choice of differing technologies and vendors, and it can be very difficult to separate marketing hype from fact and decide which systems are the best for your organization’s requirements. The situation is further exacerbated by the increasingly complex raft of corporate governance legislation and industry regulation that businesses must comply with, since much of this involves a large degree of data retention which requires a robust long term storage solution.

Data Management Companies

Data management covers the entire system associated with organizing data as a helpful resource. Mainly, data management is the consolidation of information in such a way that data is easily maintained and capable of being retrieved when required.

The 5 Most Common Reasons Why People Believe They Won’t Need Data Recovery

Regardless of which hard drive brand you own, it is just a matter of time before you will need data recovery. Hard drive recovery may be required for a variety of reasons; mechanical failure, bad backups, viruses, or natural disasters.

Managing Backup And Recovery Services

This article shows how is managed data backup and recovery system in a particular situation to bring the best result.

Best Methods Of Data Destruction On Computer Hard Disk Drives

Article describes the methods available to securely destroy data on hard disk drives.

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