Files Become 0 Bytes | How to Restore Zero Byte Files in Windows?

The Options of Computer Data Recovery

There can be numerous reasons why data file needs to be recovered. Similarly, data once lost can be retrieved by various methods. The options of computer data recovery are many that depend on the nature of data lost.

Top Strategies to Maximize the Life of Your Hard Drive

Your hard drive is likely one the most important things you own. It contains work data, school data, emails, photos, music, movies, tax information, etc… Incidentally, the hard drive is also one of only two moving components in your computer (the other being your optical drive). The following is a list of important maintenance and monitoring techniques you can use to maximize the life of your hard drive and prevent data loss.

Hard Drive Crash Prevention And Recovery Tips

A hard drive crash can destroy all of your important data and cost you a lot of money. Learn how to get your data back and the best possible way to get a hard drive back in your computer and working properly. I also will give you some important tips and ideas to take care of your hard drive and prevent a crash from ever happening.

What is a UPS Battery?

There can be a power surge and outages at any time, which can cause you to lose unsaved data and important items on your computer. This can be frustrating and in some cases devastating.

Get Your Deleted Files Back Using Google Desktop and Web Pages Using Google Web Search

You are clearing all the junk on your hard disk. Shift+Del. Shift+Del. Shift+Del. DISASTER!

PC Backup Software – Are There Any Good Ones?

Have you taken precautions about protecting the contents of your PC. Find out more about the best PC backup software on the market …

The Importance of Backing Up Data

Back-ups are a very important, yet often neglected, part of using a computer. I learnt this the hard way. I had to rebuild my computer from scratch several times before implementing complete back-ups on the full system. Most people back up little to none of their files on a daily basis. They don’t back-up emails, address books or even accounts data, and then get frustrated when all work is lost.

Online Backup: Your Computer Is Being Held Hostage, How Much Ransom Will You Pay?

According to the US National Archives, “31% of PC users have lost all of their files to events beyond their control.” Look at the person on your left. Now look to the person on your right. If it’s not one of them – IT’S YOU. It hurt didn’t it!

Data Protection In Computers

Let us first understand What is data? Data is nothing but, information. All information in a computer is referred to as data. Data is a plural form of Latin word “Datum”. In computer, what we type, is referred to as data.

Back up Your Mail – Get Your History Safe (Outlook Express Oriented)

Should you get control over your virtual mailbox? I think you should. Learn why and how.

Data Backup, The Why How When for Business or Home

One sure thing about Data Backup if you’ve ever lost your business data or personal data because you didn’t have a recent backup, then you become paranoid about backing up and most people don’t do a data backup because of the ‘I don’t need it, it won’t happen to me, I don’t have time.’ syndromes.

Very Important: Update on Severe Windows Security Flaw – What To Do Right Now To Secure Your Data

Earlier we warned you about a serious security flaw, so-called “WMF flow.” “Desktop users that suffered the effects of the IMF exploit describe it as a devastating experience to find their computers completely taken over by an attacker.” Brad Dinerman said, he ended up having to re-build his machine from scratch, even though it had been up to date with anti-virus software. Read what you can do Right Now to secure Your data.

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