Extend non adjacent partitions (including c: drive)

Stop Malware Activity by Using Norton Internet Security

It goes without saying that all the computers that are connected to a network or internet must have an anti-virus program to defend itself from malicious activity. One of the best ways to make your make your computer’s internet security is installing the Norton Internet Security.

How to Get Rid of Spyware – A Few Simple Ways

Spyware are annoying programs that steal all your personal and banking information from your computer without giving you a hint about it. You can easily remove spyware from your computer by installing an anti-spyware program.

How to Reformat Or Restore a Computer

Has your computer crashed? Do you need to reformat your computer? Want to return your computer to the condition it was when you purchased it? Like to know how to do it yourself?

Single White Trojan Looking For Unsecure Home – Must Be Willing to Be Taken Advantage Of

Most of us have heard of the term “Trojan” as it relates to computer malware, but how many of us really understand the implications of Trojans? This short article looks at the four main things that Trojans try to do to you and your PC — and why if you think Trojans aren’t all that threatening, you’re dead wrong.

Data Recovery in Washington DC

Washington DC is not only the capital of United States of America but also one of the best places to visit in the world. Computers are now becoming an essential part of everyone’s life. You simply feel incomplete without your PC or your Laptop. Information recovery is very essential in big business houses and IT companies. If a company loses its important records, they might have to face a financial setback.

The Best Remote Data Backup Software Solution

Only a short time ago servers needed a specially air conditioned room , and the PCs were huge and bulky, we can still see this in movies from just a few short years ago. Now computer technology is more sophisticated but these improvements happened in just a short amount of time. In these advanced times most companies could never imagine using this old computer technology but they still use the archaic backup system technology which uses a great deal of space on the server and persist in using tapes, when backups can be done through remote data backup systems that use the data deduplication method.

Do Registry Cleaners Work to Improve PC Performance?

Not completely sold on the benefits of a registry cleaner? I wasn’t either until I performed my own comparison of several top programs, and what I found was some registry cleaners do improve computer performance.

Data Center Management is Important in Every Company

The data center is where the heart of the business is. A company could not survive without Data Center Management. It is where all the transactions of the business are reflected.

Data Recovery Software – A Life Saver For You and Your PC

Data recovery software is software that can recover data that has been lost due to hard drive damage, deletion of files accidentally or general computer corruption. The tools in the software can, in most cases, recover files from a flash stick also.

Outlook 2007 Performance Issues When Configured to Exchange Server – Split PST File

Microsoft Outlook 2007 supports both UNICODE and ANSI configure for personal folder and Offline storage table that resides on computer system files. In addition, this edition supports a number of superior features that were misplaced in earlier versions.

Unknown Error 3234 in the iPod

iTunes is the interface software that allows an iPod to interact with a computer system and transfer files. Using iTunes, you can also update or restore your iPod. At times, you face issues while performing these tasks.

Missing Or Lost “path_to_inst File” in Sun Solaris Operating System

“/etc/path_to_inst” file is one of the most critical file for the computer system to boot. Corruption of this file primarily occurs due to improper system shutdown, operating system malfunctioning and virus infection and more. Once the above file gets corrupted due to any of the above reasons, the system becomes unbootable making all the data stored in the hard drive inaccessible.

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