Easy Way to Convert Primary to Logical, or Logical to Primary

The Importance of Backup Solutions

Backup solutions are essential for every business and individuals. There are many backup solutions for small businesses, including tape drives and tape libraries.

Why You Need Backup Email Service

Backing up your email is essential particularly if you’re dealing with important clients and you want all of your emails and file attachments stored in a secure place. With a backup email service, you could have all of your emails secured in a central archive.

Understanding the Role of Differential Backup

It is important to know what type of exchange backup you are going to employ. This will certainly be dependent on your exact needs, as no single type of backup may be applicable for optimizing every business. You may have considered having a differential backup, but you first need to understand how it really is with

How To Choose A Good Online Storage Site

Sharing media online has become more, and more popular as time goes on. Both businesses, and regular people share various bits, and pieces of electronic media with family, friends, co-workers, and clients. There are many places online where you can store your various online materials, but many are expensive, or are difficult to use. The places where you can store online material for free tend to be set up in a way that only others that are members of the site can access the material. Finding an online storage solution that is both free, and easy to use can be rather difficult.

Find Out How To Recover Deleted Files

You accidentally press the delete button on an important file and suddenly your heart sinks as you realize that you had just spent all week working on it. While it is very easy to panic in these situations, there is actually a pretty good chance that you can still recover the file. Read more to find out how to recover deleted files.

Cheap Online Backup Solutions for Your Computer

Backups are a must need for every computer for safeguarding important data. One can never know when a computer can crash, or when the hard drive fails and you can lose all your data. Hence, it is always better to be on the safer side and have a sure shot way of protecting your data, and this is possible only by backing up your data at the on-site location, as well as off site location.

Backup Email Software For Your Business

There may be a time when you’ve gotten sick for a long time, or you may have been busy with other things, that you’ve forgotten to access your emails, and you may not recall the password to log in to your accounts. Losing access to your account, however, will not be an issue given that you’ve opted for backup email software.

Major Computer Software-Hardware Issues and How to Fix Them

This article talks about some of the major computer issues that come every now and often and how to fix them for good. The article talks about the major hardware and software issues that arise while using the computers and provides ample information to fix them easily and efficiently.

How To Prevent Files From Being Deleted And How To Deal With Deleted Files

There have been several situations with computers and laptops where files and folders have accidentally been deleted either by you or a family member, or perhaps, someone just randomly messing around on your PC. However, there are other causes of files being erased, like those that we have no control of whatsoever, meaning, they just have to happen naturally. Here are a few of the many causes of data loss.

Disaster Recovery Made Easy With PHD Virtual Backup

So, continuing on an article I did for the PHD Virtual backup and recovery solution, which can be used to protect your VMware vSphere environment I wanted to give more detail on the replication and export features of the product. It doesn’t have to be said but backup and recovery is key in any data protection suite. Now if you can couple backup and recovery with replication and provide a means to transfer that critical backup data to a remote location for disaster recovery (DR), you’ll have a much more complete solution.

ETL Tools: Moving Beyond Extraction, Transformation And Loading

ETL tools prove valuable to organizations long after the initial data transfer has been accomplished. Their data sorting and storing capabilities make finding and using data easier and quicker than ever.

4 Tips of Photo Recovery

How Photo Recovery Software Works? If you’ve deleted photos off from your memory cards or hard disk accidentally — When this happens, many people think that their data is lost forever. Don’t panic!

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