EaseUS Todo Backup bootable disk to recover system in case of system crash

Tape Or Disk For Backup and Data Recovery?

The perennial argument over whether disk or tape represents the best storage medium for data often misses the point. What are you hoping for from your backup infrastructure? How much security are you prepared to sacrifice for convenience, of would it not just be better to have the best of both worlds?

Benefits of Personal Online Data Backup

There are many factors to consider when choosing a computer backup strategy. Traditional methods like network storage and tape drive backup, work fine for larger organizations who have IT support staff to manage the complex business of data backup. The small business and home user have a tougher time implementing an effective backup solution.

Data Cleansing Benefits

Data cleansing, also known as database cleansing or data scrubbing, is the process of ensuring that a set of data is correct and accurate. UK based companies heavily rely on computerized data in their normal operations so data cleaning is a very important task.

Tape Data Recovery – Can Data Be Recovered From Water Affected Tapes?

If the dam bursts, the sea gets in, or the sprinkler systems floods the vault, what can be done with the archive of backup tapes? Do those tapes that you picked out of the mud just require a quick wipe and all will be well? Or, is the data done forever?

Ramping Up Secondary Storage

Tough economic times inevitably lead to belt-tightening, not just in IT but in all facets of an organization. When it comes to long-term storage, however, the pressure to cut costs is running headlong into the cold reality that data loads and discovery requirements are not diminishing just because business activity is slowing down.

Are All Data Recovery Companies Equal?

Claims such as 15 and sometimes 20 years of data recovery experience is given as fact on their websites, but when you look closer at the incorporation data or when the website first went live you discover significantly lower time scales. What does all of this actually mean?

Data Conversion and the Problems With Long Term Data Retention

The safe retention of data is essential for any business, so how can you ensure that when you need to restore data that you can? It is not just problems with storage media that can leave you high and dry, what if you no longer have the correct drive or operating environment? Data retention need not be a problem if the correct management of data is in place.

Online Backup and Local Storage

Data backup is a vital consideration, regardless of the size of your business or organisation. Local backup systems have their own merits, but should be complimented with some form of remote, online data backup solution.

“SA Analog” Technology and Shadow Disk Technology

DC adopts “SA Analog” technology. Aiming at those drives which have media defects in the SA, which is being undetected in the BIOS (so far no tool in the world can fix this kind of problem), Data Compass bypasses the SA boot failure, and then by reading only the key modules such as P-List from the SA to access the user data area directly for data recovery.

Data Recovery Tips

If you need Data Recovery Services then don’t run a program such as scan disk, check disk or Norton disk doctor to try to fix your hard drive, floppy disk or zip disk. If you have deleted files on your hard drive and want to get the deleted files back then you must run a Data Recovery program to recover the deleted files before doing anything else with you computer such as installing programs or De fragmenting your hard drive.

When Hard Drives Go Bad – Find a Right Solution For File Recovery

Do not attempt recovery yourself on severely traumatized drives. This may cause further damage or permanent data loss. If you’re lost critical data, never assume data is unrecoverable, just find a right solution!

Recover Data After Physical Damage to Hard Drives

Accidents do happen all the time. Most people have experienced a loss of data. That files could be so important as if you have suffered a personal loss. Hard drive crashes will lead to hardware or software failures. Even to the most severe case, the file system corruption.

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