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How to Pick Right Photo Recovery Software?

Photos and videos are the best means to capture the present moment and remember in future. We use camera, camcorders and iPhones to capture photos and videos. Memory cards are used in these electronic gadgets to store our precious photos and videos.

Data Recovery – Tips To Get Your Files Back

Using data recovery software, almost all hard drives can be recovered. Normally, if the drive is making a tick tick or a vehicle brake scratch noise, you can use certain data recovery software programs to recover the data.

How to Upgrade a Hard Disk and Yet Retain the Operating System, Programs and Configuration

This article describes at a high level how to upgrade your hard disk and yet retain your operating system, programs and configurations on the Windows/Mac environment. This would save you time in reloading your operating system when upgrading your hard disk.

The Advantages of Blu-Ray Optical Archives

Most people are familiar with Blu-ray discs’ high-quality ability to store video, games and other interactive content. However, this form of optical media is also a superior choice when it comes to data archiving. Optical archives use Blu-ray disc technology to record a wide array of data and store it in near-line or offline capacities. While HDD storage is a good option for short-term information storage, and tape drives are an efficient means of backing up data, these technologies do not consistently meet the most critical needs and requirements of data archives: safe, long-term data retention and easy accessibility. Not only is optical media designed for the demands of today’s video industries, it also serves as a durable, reliable and sustainable data archiving solution now and into the future.

Different Parts of an SQL Backup Program

If you maintain a database, it is very important to have a reliable backup in place. You could face some problems if this data isn’t backed up, especially if you lost names, numbers, and addresses. This could devastate a business and create numerous problems. This is why anyone who regularly uses a database should have an SQL backup program in place.

Look at an SQL Backup Program to Protect Your Database

An SQL backup program can step into a situation like this and bring back most of your data. The program also offers three different recovery modes that can be used so data is protected in different ways. You won’t use each one each time or maybe one not at all. It all depends on your needs and the information you need saved.

Should You Install a SQL Backup Application?

One of the most common reasons why companies turn to their SQL backup is because of simple user error. Someone makes a mass change that destroys a vast amount of data and there is nowhere else to go but the backup. Someone could also do something a little more intentionally that could put all of the company’s data at risk.

What to Look for in SQL Backup Programs

If you look for one thing in a SQL backup program, it should be ease in restoring your information. Backing up is always easy, but if you aren’t able to quickly and easily restore your data, to a new server if necessary, it won’t be worth the price.

Linux Recovery: How to Prevent Data Loss in Linux

In computing, Partition is a part of hard drive that works as a different disk and has a separate file system. Disk partitioning is usually done for better management of stored data and to ensure safety of valuable data in case of operating system malfunction. However, there are some circumstances where you need to remove the Linux hard drive partitions/volumes. This behavior removes all the data stored on deleted partitions and lead to severe data loss. At this point, you are required to opt for Linux data recovery to extract your significant data.

Dealing With A Hard Drive Repair Situation

You’re not alone. Hard drive failure affects everyone. See how to make the inevitable seem a little more optimistic here.

A Good PC Backup System Is The Only Way To Truly Protect Your Data

If your company that manages its daily operations with a multiple computers, then the chances are you use a PC backup system or you need one. In today’s complicated world of data storage, relying on just one system to protect your information is risky at best. The data being stored can be of an assortment of things such as client data or financial records. Having a business that stores this sort of information requires duplication of that data.

Oracle Training – What to Expect

Most of the advanced computer systems make use of databases and even though other database management systems are also widely used, the majority of the large organizations are fond of Oracle, which is considered far more secure and extremely effective. The latest version of Oracle, 11g, comes with great new features, which make it even better performer and easier to optimize than its predecessor. Most of the IT companies are willing to pay good salaries to a skilled Oracle developer, which explains the popularity of the Oracle certification courses.

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