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All About Data Backup

Data backup is the process in which you make duplicate copies of your documents or files. This is done since data loss is a common problem faced by almost every computer user. So, if you end up losing your data accidentally, there is always this duplicate copy to help you out.

The Steps You Should Know About Data Recovery

Doesn’t matter where you are or what you’re doing your computer is always at risk of some kind of attack or natural disaster. From viruses, earthquakes, hurricanes, hackers, and malware these kinds of threats have the potential to destroy your computer. If you want to be on the safe side of things then it is highly recommended that you backup your system regularly.

What You Don’t Know About Data Recovery

Everyone that owns a computer will have go through it at some time. Hard drives inevitable will fail. It happens when you least expect it and can damage your entire hard drive. Along with other factors viruses and malware play a major role. For many years, data recovery has been valuable in covering loss data, today it is still true.

Virus Scanning and Database Corruption Might Occur While Replicating Public Folders

In the Microsoft Exchange Server, public folders have great importance. It not only contains user data, but also contains critical system information, which is required for smooth operation of Exchange Server environment. For effective management and better performance of public folders, the replication process is carried out. There are two types of replication is possible — Hierarchy replication or Content replication.

What Makes a Great Data Backup Plan?

Backing up your data should be an important task, especially if you have saved information that you can’t replace. With computers storing more information than ever before, a great data backup plan will ensure you will never lose any of that information.

How to Find the Right Laptop Backup Software

There are many reasons why laptop backup is important. Recovery of data is the main purpose knowing that a lot of data get lost due to numerous incidents. The moment a PC used by any individual or even by a big corporation, crashes, the files contained are lost and will no longer be retrieved.

Practical Tips For Hard Disk Recovery During Emergency

Only authorized technical people should be allowed access to the recovery system. Manage its security tightly by frequently changing passwords. Your system should be designed such a way that you should able to recover data within minutes and with minimum effort.

Hard Drive Data Recovery – Restoring Your Data in Few Minutes

Our computer data is always at risk from external virus attack or from internal hardware failure. You cannot be 100% sure that your data is safe. It is always a good practice to keep several soft copies of important files in different computers.

PST Repair – Common Outlook Errors

Nobody likes to see an error message when they go to start their day by launching Microsoft Outlook to catch up on all their email. Unfortunately, Outlook’s Personal Folders (.PST) files are prone to corruption problems that make them unusable. Chances are you have a .pst corruption problem if you see one of the following error messages when you try to run Outlook.

PST Repair – What is a PST File?

In short, a .PST file is simply that – a single file with a .pst extension. What makes a .PST special is the fact that Microsoft Outlook stores all of your information inside of a single file. And if anything bad should ever happen to that file, such as getting deleted, getting damaged, or getting corrupted in any fashion, then you run the risk of losing all of your information.

Hard Drive Recovery – Computer Repair

A hard drive stores all of your information on your computer such as programs music and documents. People’s data can be very valuable to them. It is important to make sure you back up your data when ever possible.

Is it Possible to Recover Lost Data?

Is it possible to get back the data that you have deleted even from your recycle bin? What about the data that you haven’t even saved on your computer? Can you recover data from a damaged storage device? Yes, a lot of times you actually can!

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