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How to Effectively Back Up Your Data

Backing up the data on our computers is one of the most boring things we can do. However, without doing so, it can lead to a digital disaster. This article gives you some useful advice on how to pick and chose between critical data and what methods and software are available to let you back up your data in the simplest and most painless ways possible…

It’s All In The Planning – Surviving Disaster

How to survive a disaster: five steps to get around disruption…

Disaster Recovery- Managing the Risk

Helping your business survive in the event of an unforeseen disaster: Most business failures are not from bad business but from bad business practices. Most companies that fail are the ones that have not planned how their business will continue to function in the event of a disaster.

Backup Schmackup: I’m Afraid, Very Afraid!

Ever had your computer crash unexpectedly? Ever had that grip of fear as invisible fingers squeezed your heart when you couldn’t access your files, or your backup didn’t work? Join the club. Now read on and do that backup … *today*!!!

Backup Your Data Or Lose Your Life

This article shows you why you should backup your data and tells you how.

Data Backup Solution: Why You Need a Backup Plan in Place – Part 2

In the first part of this article series, I talked about the three main threats to the data on your computer. I talked about the need for a data backup solution that protects your data properly. In this article, I’ll outline the most common data backup solution options available to you.

Data Backup Solution: Why You Need a Backup Plan in Place – Part 1

Is a data backup solution part of your computer plans? Do you have a way to protect yourself if something goes wrong with your computer or data? Computers are a useful part of our lives but we don’t always protect ourselves from their loss be it fire, theft or hardware failure.

Has Your Computer Hard Drive Ever Crashed? Are You Challenged by Backups?

All mechanical devices, will at some point fail, there is no timetable that tells you exactly when they will fail, however it is usually when you can least afford the time lost or the cost of repair, or of course immediately after the warranty has expired. Current computer hard drives are very reliable, they work for hours on end and keep right on ticking, they are however partially mechanical, as such they are subject to unannounced failure. They could fail in 5 minutes, or in 5 years or even longer.

Did You Loose Your Windows XP Password? What Should You Have Done Before it Happened?

There is a common problem that happens with lot of computer users. This problem is the loss of a password. It happens to many of us due to the enormous number of application we use.

I Lost It! Simple Guide To Recovering Corrupted Images And Files

If you ever accidentally deleted a file or had been in a situation when the files suddenly became corrupted, you know the feeling. But don’t give up – there is a variety of software solutions that can help you.

Backup 101 – How To Pick The Right Backup Software

If your computer had a recent near-death experience, you know it’s time to get backup software. But do you know what types of backup…

9 Things to Look For When Considering Data Backup Solutions

It’s one thing to loose data and money because of hackers and thieves of various kinds; it’s a different thing again when it’s because you didn’t back up your data properly or not at all. Value your data! Whether it’s that critical business document, your thesis, your website or your home accounts and precious photos.

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