Best Mac Data Recovery Software – EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard for Mac [2021]

Resolving “A Data File Did Not Close Properly” Error

An Outlook data file error is frustrating. Most of the users believe that a data file error results because of a PST issue, however it might not be true always. A third-party program that interacts with MS Outlook can also result in similar type of error messages.

Fail Safe Way in Preserving Documents and Other Paper Files

Gone are the days when we fuss about safekeeping important family documents, preserve those lovely unforgettable photos and those very important business and work files. With the modern technology, there is no point denying that we can easily scan these documents, pictures and files and store them in the computer, USB or eve burn it on a CD. But there is also no lying that we still somehow prefer if we have a hard copy of all this kept and probably preserved for years to come.

How Secure Is Your Computer?

What kind of information do you keep on your computer? Many home PCs have so much information on them that is of a personal nature that in many cases, it is an extension of ourselves. How safe are your data?

Use Exchange Recovery Tool for Problematic Exchange Server Database Service

Sometimes Exchange database service simply refuses write access to the Exchange database files or checkpoint files. When database service exhibits the same behavior, it makes all the data of database inaccessible and unusable. You lose your access of important data.

File Recovery Software to Recover Deleted Files in Windows 7 After Receiving Stop: 0x00000050 Error

Computer users are most frequently struck by several Blue Screen of Death (or BSODs) while working on their PCs running Windows 7 operating system. These are commonly known as STOP errors. The occurrence of these errors results in a sudden unresponsive behavior of the system. A system crash is one of the possible repercussions of such a behavior.

Data Relocation And Transport In The Digital Era

Data relocation at one time was a matter of moving tons of paper. Record keeping was limited to ledgers, signed contracts and paper reports. Moving ledgers, contracts and accounts receivable was a matter of only keeping the documents dry and secure during transport.

Overcoming Partition Corruption Due To ‘BAD_POOL_HEADER’ Error In Windows 7

Data security is the most important requisite of a reliable Windows operating system. Despite of having an updated version of Windows each time, we have become accustomed to receiving various BSODs ( Blue Screen Of Death) on our computer screens.

Running Boot Time Fsck Reports Data Loss Problems in Linux

Linux is a widely used open-source operating system, which has various distributions to meet different kinds of needs. This advanced operating system supports a wide range of file systems, including Ext4, Ext3, and Ext2. Among all Linux file system, Ext3 is the most popular one. It is used as a default file system numerous Linux versions. It is stable and powerful, which provides a wide range of safety measures to prevent files damage and need of Linux data recovery solutions.

Data Recovery Software Benefits

Data recovery software can work in some situations where you have experienced file system issues. See where the machine can replace the professional service here…

Understanding When You Need Data Recovery

When a data loss disaster strikes, you aren’t necessarily defenseless. There are always techniques you can use to save yourself the hassles of a hard drive failure.

How to Recover Lost Windows XP Password

How to Recover Lost Windows XP Password? Ways to recover lost Windows XP password are here! Help you reset Windows XP password easily and do Windows XP password recovery conveniently!

Blogging Economics and Disaster Recovery

Are you getting good value for the money you are spending to keep your blog up and running? Are you overspending on tools for the position your list is in this month? Timely suggestions about spending money on tools where is makes sense and proper risk management when a blogger is relying on systems they cannot control for their livelihood.

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