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Data Protection Guide

The average hourly impact of computer downtime to a retail brokerage is $6.45 million. For an airline reservation center, that figure is $89,500 (from Contingency Planning Research). Considering the investment and the value of your data, doesn’t it make sense to take steps to protect your valuable data?

Server Data Recovery

Need for data has always had a steep upward curve. With the massive volume of data being processed, created, handled, and stored everyday, the need to manage it more efficiently has become a necessity.

Hard Drive Failure Factors

Magnetic storage media or hard drive and disks as they are more commonly known today offer almost exponentially increasing storage for computer users needs today, such as is required for video, audio and picture files. Adhering to the same footprint and physical size hard drives were first designed with, they have grown massively to currently 1TB (1 Terabyte) for a single hard drive, n relatively short time frames.

Linux Data Recovery

Linux operating systems are just as vulnerable to data loss as other systems. There is a new technology, IntelligentScan, that assists in the recovery of Linux data and piecing together damaged hard drives.

Recovering Data From RAID Server Systems

Data is vital for both companies and individuals throughout the world. Most companies utilize backups and redundant storage technologies as part of their safety precautions against possible data loss. Backing up has always been and will be the best option against data loss.

Computer Error Codes – What Is Your PC Trying To Tell You?

It seems like every computer in use today has at least one persistent pop up error message. Can you tell the difference between a serious error and just an annoyance?

Drivers Backup For Windows

You know what it’s like when your hard drive fails, your system crashes or you do a format….you have to reinstall all the drivers from countless CD’s. With this program, all your drivers are stored in one neat little package, either in a folder or zip file.

Is It Really That Important To Backup Your Data?

Data backups are something everyone knows about in the back of their mind, but the majority of people never bother with. Find out if you really need to worry about them or not.

The Importance of Data Back-Up in Web Hosting

Data is extremely important for any business, online or offline. Data, which is stored in your server, could not be lost since information loss could terminate your business. If company data were lost then you would have to spend a lot of time, effort and money in replacing them.

Upgrading Your Data Center Disaster Recovery Plan To An Online Computer Backup

Over the years data center disaster recovery plans have improved and progressed even more with the introduction of online computer backups. Before the use of these online backups, data center disaster recovery plans were pretty much limited in the means of storage and being effective. It used to be that data could be stored only in a folder, a CD-ROM, or a backup computer. Most of the time data was not backed up on a separate system.

Retrieving Data From Servers (RAIDs)

One may have heard of the term server with reference to the internet. With the help of a server, two computers can be connected to each other. These computers may belong to the same local network or may be connected through the internet. Let us have a look at how the servers are constructed and how they function.

Top 3 Best Registry Repair Techniques

Having a damage or corrupt Windows registry can be a pain, causing errors and crashes. However, cleaning your registry may not be as hard as you think.

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