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High Availability Software Questions – What You Need to Know For Effective Disaster Recovery

If your company doesn’t use High Availability (HA) software to protect data and applications, how sure can you be that your computing resources are safe? Learn all about HA software and get answers to the most commonly asked questions.

When To Make The Decision As A Computer Technician To Reformat A Computer

As a computer technician, you will have to make decisions on when to stop trying to troubleshoot a problem, and reformat the computer. In this article, we’ll go into when to make those decisions.

Strategies for Data Backup and Redundancy

With dramatic increases in data growth and a growing dependence on data for business continuity, companies need to know that their data is stored securely and can be recovered quickly – using the minimum of space for the maximum benefit. Keeping pace with the data explosion is not easy. With up to 50% growth year on year and increasingly complex IT environments, many backup systems are struggling to cope.

What Is the Use of Restore Disk for Your Computer?

Fixing your computer is never fun and when you get a virus it can be a real pain to deal with. If you try using your recovery disk setting and it does not work, then it is time to take your computer to a repair company. Here are some of the things you need to consider trying before you spend your hard earned money to repair your computer.

Features of the MCSE CBT Training Program

In the field of information technology certifications are a good way to secure your career or even move up the ladder in the work force. If you are currently seeking to receive a Microsoft certification but are not able to leave your job at the moment or even reduce your hours to do it part time, there is another great option for you to consider. Many persons at some point in their career think about pursuing their MCSE certification, or consider being a Microsoft Certified Systems Engineer.

Data Storage and Backups – Innovative Modern Solutions

Maintaining complete and accurate backups of corporate data and protecting that data against loss or failure are absolute necessities and crucial elements in any integrated information technology plan. Whether this data is maintained on or off-site, choosing the right kind of network attached storage for corporate servers is vital in order to avoid extended downtime and to protect important data against loss due to natural disasters, equipment failure and other unexpected hazards that can shut down operations for days or weeks.

Backup and Recovery Pays Off in the Long Run

People these days have the tendency not to think more than one step ahead. A lot of companies plan without taking into consideration internal factors that could lead to their bankruptcy. One little thing that could stand between your company and becoming completely erased from the names of the top competitor is in one word – information.

Online Computer Backup – Know The Problems Before You Have Them

The rage for computer backup seems to be online computer backup services. Many factors including Internet speed have influenced this backup choice.

Power Data Recovery for All Computer Operating Systems

With programme anxieties, hardware concerns, virus problems and faulty human input there are many possible explanations as to why one could lose or mislay important data. This makes it a very good idea to have a file recovery device up and running and ready to put into action just in case there’s a problem either in the making or already present.

A Few Tips on Hard Disk Repair

A damaged hard disk may have one or more faults for a number of different reasons. It is therefore impossible to give an easy, detailed hard disk repair solution which fits every possible scenario. The disk itself might not be able to be detected, a partition cannot be accessed properly, the computer fails t0o boot up correctly, Windows (if that is the operating system) fails to read and write files and so on.

The Majesty of the “Reset Button”

There are only a few moments in life when a simple action can yield exceptional results. It is even rarer that the action can be repeated and yet still yields the same exceptional results. In the world of IT, it can be quite hard to find that hidden treasure, however this post is dedicated to that simple action… “a computer restart.” Ok, lofty words to hammer home a relatively simple point. Many, and I do mean many, errors or simple glitches within a computer system can be remedied by a simple system restart.

Windows Server Backup – Online or Offline

Windows server backup is of the utmost importance in any company as basically any organization depends on accessing stored data to conduct its business. The server forms the hub of all critical information in the company and will have vital databases and records of various transactions.

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