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Why You May Need To Recover Hard Drive Data

Finding yourself in need of hard drive recovery? See what could be going on in your drive.

Difference Between Recovering Corrupted and Deleted Files

Data recovery is something that has been gaining importance in recent years, and the reason for this is nothing but the rise in the number of data loss cases. Though data recovery software are almost everywhere on the internet, certain users have not yet been able to understand the exact concept of recovery of data.

QuickBooks Recovery Post “This Is Not A QuickBooks Data File Or Is Damaged” Error

QuickBooks accounting software is undoubtedly one of the most commonly used accounting application to provide double-entry accounting functions, full audit trail capabilities, and more facilities. The repository of records maintained by this software is saved in a file with.QBW extension. This file, like any other file in the computer can be corrupted due to various logical reasons, such as, improper system shutdown, application malfunction, and virus attack.

Best Photo Recovery

Digital camera uses different types of memory card to store up the images in the format of digital images which is been captured in the remembrance of the places, events or concerned person. The digital camera uses different format such as SD Cards, CF Cards, XD Cards, mini and macro card, memory sticks etc.

Windows and Mac Photo Recovery Software Differences

Photo recovery forms an essential part of data recovery and is one of the most regularly carried out types of data recovery. This is due to the basic fact that there is no other field like photography, where so many diverse file types, such large amounts of data and such frequent transfer of data takes place.

Corruption in USN Journal or NTFS Log File May Damage the NTFS Volume and Cause Severe Data Loss

The USN journal (or Update Sequence Number Journal) is a new feature introduced with NTFS v3.0. that is responsible for keeping track of all the changes that occur to the files, streams, and directories present on the NTFS volume. It also records changes in their attributes or security settings.

Recover Deleted SD Card Files – Best Solution

Nothing is more frustrating than accidentally deleting an important file from your SD card. But with a data recovery software, you actually stand a good chance of recovering your precious data. The sooner you act, the better your chances will be.

Recover Deleted Photos From the Canon Rebel Memory Card

The Canon Digital Rebel series is the best that you can get if you want a light and compact SLR camera. It is very easy to work with, and you will have no problems understanding the functionalities of this camera. It also has a very fast start up time and has minimal shutter delay. Your photos will look fantastic, and you can be sure that the quality level of the photos are high. The only problem with this camera is that, after a few years of use, it will start to wear down, and you may start experiencing a slower system, with the busy signal constantly coming up. This can be the cause of your photos accidentally getting deleted from your camera. Fortunately, you can recover your pictures in a few steps. Read on.

Virtual Storage

While it’s true that information is king, he’s definitely a greedy ruler! As the business world continues to demand the storage of more and more data for longer periods of time, the need for increased amounts of disk space grows exponentially larger each year.

Recycle Bin Recovery Using An Undelete Tool

The Recycle bin has been considered as a very useful component when it comes to deletion of data. There is no account for the number of files that the recycle bin might have ended up saving since the user is constantly deleting files, most of which are directly moving onto the recycle bin.

How to Recover Deleted Files Using Undelete Tool

Performing undelete is not something that is really easy without using an undelete tool. This is because of the fact that there are a lot of complexities involved in recover deleted data if one tries to do it without using the right data recovery software.

Split and Merge PDF File When PDF File Becomes Difficult to Manage

PDF files are though a universal mode of sharing files and document, but the probability it holds of corruption cannot be denied. To resolve this issue this article briefly describes the practically applicable solutions.

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